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Jul 26, 2016

If you think that YMCA basketball is not as competitive as Club or High School programs, you haven't been to a Valley of the Sun YMCA basketball game in a while. The YMCA invented basketball. Did you know that? (look it up), and they are still leading the way in introducing the game from the youngest players to some of the most expert we have seen.

The Kiwis are to everyone's amazement neither young and inexperience nor well trained. Skilled yes! - to the consternation of many of the opposing teams coaches. The Kiwis run circles around many of their opponents. We have even see them get so far ahead on the scoreboard that they will sit out one of their player and play 4 on 5 just to keep things interesting.

But who are these guys and where did they come from? The Kiwis are rumored to be - not a basketball team at all - but rather a football team that is just horsing around and having a good time through the sport of basketball during the Summer as a way to stay in shape for the fall when football season starts back up again. 

In terms of being entertaining, they will keep you on the edge of your seat. ProFile Sports has been enjoying following many of the YMCA teams locally this summer in a small pilot test of our video recording and score-keeping service that we provide for basketball. It has been wonderful so far seeing these young athletes of all ages grow before your very eyes. We see the K-2 player and 3-4 just learning to dribble while not looking at the ball, and then by evening we are video recording the 7-8 and high school players and my they do grow up fast!

Parents if you could see what we see all in one weekend you would never want to miss a game. And now, thanks to ProFile Sports Athlete ProFiles, you never have to. You can even share full length videos of every game with friends and family that live far away. Or if you travel for work and can't make the game? No problem - just watch at your convenience wherever there is a wifi from your athletes professionally presented Athlete ProFile.

Enjoy this post-game interview from our agent in the field and we will see you at a basketball game near you very soon.